CARA Presents Fabulous Friday Forums at Noon!

Santa Rosa Democratic Club is a member of CARA (California Alliance of Retired Americans) and all club members are part of CARA.
CARA is planning a series of FORUMS on Fridays, beginning Feb. 5th at NOON PST to engage our members and friends on the key issues we will be working on over the next year. Some of these FORUMS will be policy focused, some more performance oriented, and some skills-building. All events will have an organizing focus and share opportunities to take action. And, each one will have some element of fun and surprise. You must register in advance for these events. You can register for one, two or all of them and will be sent a link for the Forum upon registration. We are proud to announce the first 3 Fabulous Forums. All Forums are held via Zoom.

Friday, February 5th at 12 noon PST. Seniors and the Fight for Improved Medicare for ALL. Learn how California is uniquely positioned to move improved Medicare for All forward in California and how seniors and people with disabilities will greatly benefit. Speakers include Michael Lighty of NUHW, Dr. Paul Song of PNHP, Cokie Giles of CNA, etc. Take action together to urge the Governor to take the next steps to make Medicare for ALL a reality in California.
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Friday, February 19th at 12 noon PST. Seniors and the Fight for Climate Change. Older adults and people with disabilities are greatly impacted by climate change and global warming. California is at the epicenter of the climate crisis - with wildfires, bad air, high heat incidences, fracking, power outages, sea-level rise, and more. It is time that the senior and disability movement join the climate justice movement to learn how we can take action at the local, state and national levels. Speakers include Christina Mills of CA Foundation for Independent Living Centers, Marty Lynch of Lifelong Medical, Assemblymember Rob Bonta, etc.
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Friday, March 5th at 12 noon PST. Josh Kornbluth's Performance of "Citizen Brain" Josh Kornbluth attended the 2019 CARA Convention where he shared some of the videos that he developed while interning with UCSF Global Brain Institute. Citizen Brain is based on his work at UCSF and began his fellowship at the Global Brain Institute just as Donald Trump was being inaugurated in 2016. While there, he drew a connection between dementia and the collective breakdown in communication across the political divide. At the same time, UCSH discovered a circuit in the brain, an empathy circuit. You can lean about this circuit through a funny, smart performance of Citizen Brain by Josh Kornbluth. To learn more about Josh Kornbluth and his show,visit his website at
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Again, these Forums are open to all Santa Rosa Democratic Members and Friends.