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Printable Sonoma County Democratic Party 2016 Voter Guide

voter guide

Here is the official 2016 Sonoma County Democratic Party Voter guide. It has recommendations for all the high profile races as well as the more obscure ones like School Board and City Council. In addition, there are recommendations for no fewer than 35 ballot measures!

Print this out and share it with your friends, neighbours and co-workers. Each recommendation has been carefully screened and vetted by the Sonoma County Democratic Party.

Joe Conason on Hillary's commitment to transparency

Journalist Joe Conason points out that Hillary Clinton has not only released her tax return for the most recent tax year -- but every year going back over 30 years. Meanwhile Donald Trump, having released no tax returns whatsoever, is given a pass by a lazy and/or complicit media.

We just adopted the most progressive platform in party history. Five things you should know.

The party just voted for the most progressive platform ever, sending a powerful message about the values Democrats share—and the progress they’ll fight to achieve.

The platform includes:

  1. An unprecedented commitment to equal rights for LGBT Americans
  2. The strongest pledge ever to fight climate change
  3. A bold new commitment to debt-free college
  4. A first-of-its-kind pledge to fight institutional racism and end mass incarceration
  5. Ambitious policies to help working families get ahead

This year’s platform not only includes the most ambitious jobs plan on record, it addresses the challenges working families face in the 21st century—calling for raising and indexing the federal minimum wage and the elimination of “tipped” wages, equal pay for women, national paid family and medical leave, and investments in affordable child care.

We are meeting on October 26th -- and there will be a dinner too


We have a dinner meeting nearly every month featuring a guest speaker. Our meetings are held the fourth Wednesday of the month at the Santa Rosa Veterans Memorial building next to the fairgrounds.

And if you need dinner we got you covered. Each dinner meeting is catered by our own volunteer in-house catering crew. If you would like to have dinner the cost is $15 (or $20 for non-members) and includes beverages, appetizers, and dessert. Dinner is optional, and you can always attend the program/meeting for FREE.

Learn more about our Dinner Meetings

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