Club Opportunity to Assist our Current Treasurer through 2020 and move into the Treasurer Position in 2021 (2-year term)

SRDC is look for a new treasurer to "shadow" our current treasurer in order to step into the position in January 2021. Duties include:

* Attend monthly board meetings and present monthly
Treasurer's report.
* Attend monthly dinner meetings to sign in attendees,
collect & record payment for dinner (cash, check, or
credit/debit card).
* Tally and record money collected for dinner, memberships,
bar, 50/50/ raffle, swag, etc.
* Make deposit of cash and checks, balance checkbook.
* Make and keep records of reimbursements for items purchased
for club business.
* Make out checks to pay for services and/or items necessary
for club business.
* Coordinate with Membership VP to be sure that records are
updated as folks become members or renew memberships.

Contact Deb Olcott (current treasurer) at

Your kind consideration is most welcome.

Mark Your Calendar

The first 2020 Democratic Primary Debate will air on NBC, MSNBC, and Telemundo over two nights on Wednesday, June 26th and Thursday, June 27th, 2019. The debate will feature back-to-back primetime broadcasts on consecutive nights to ensure each candidate gets access to a primetime audience.

Watch parties are being planned!